The role of Ambulatory Care Nursing

Ambulatory care nursing is the perfect career for those who can respond quickly on their feet and perform well under pressure. Nurses who arrive in an ambulance and act as caretaker until the patient arrives at a hospital are ambulatory nurses.

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Such nurses must work in diverse settings every day, as they never know where their job will take them next. Those who wish to become an ambulatory nurse must have at least a Bachelor of Science in nursing before they can become licensed in the field.

The duties of an ambulatory nurse are varied, much like that of an emergency room physician. In fact, ambulatory nurses are often compared to doctors in that they must examine and diagnose a patient without referring to a doctor first.

As such, an ambulatory nurse must be well-rounded in knowledge and skill. Urgent response is often needed when a patient comes in contact with an ambulatory nurse and the nurse has little room for error. From pediatrics to gerontology, the nurse must be prepared for it all.

There is currently a shortage of nurses in the United States. As such, ambulatory nurses are needed by many health facilities and organizations. From mobile health units to the military, there is no shortage of hiring opportunities for those looking into this field.

This is an exciting career and immediately rewarding when patients recover from an urgent condition. Also, ambulatory nurses typically make more than $30 an hour, which is well above the national average for professionals.