A typical position will last approximately 13 weeks for a travel nurse

Travel nursing is a popular career choice for those who enjoy a variety in their daily job, not to mention traveling to interesting locations. A travel nurse is a temporary nurse who moves from one location to the next.

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Those who are single or who won't mind constant travel will probably enjoy this exciting field in nursing. A travel nurse is hired by a travel nursing company that arranges all of his/her positions.

Registered nurses (RNs) with work experience are qualified to become travel nurses and, based on expertise, will be fitted with appropriate temporary positions.

One of the many benefits of travel nursing is the ability to choose where one moves to next. A nurse can list preferences for travel and be fitted with the most suitable open positions.

For example, a nurse may wish to work in sunny climates near the beach. The travel nursing company will accommodate by placing the nurse on the coast or in Hawaii. This example demonstrates why the career is so appealing to many.

A typical position will last approximately 13 weeks for a travel nurse before he/she moves onto the next assignment or is rehired at the same medical facility.

The need for travel nurses began in the 1980's when hospitals started to experience a shortage in experienced nurses. Since then, nursing "temps" began to find regular jobs and the travel nursing industry was born. This career allows nurses to enjoy new surroundings while gaining experience for future positions.