An emergency nurse is burdened with a great responsibility

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Emergency nurses are those who treat patients who are acutely ill or critically injured and who must receive rapid treatment. This is obviously a fast-paced career that is suitable only for those who can act quickly and respond calmly within high-stress situations.

An emergency nurse is an advanced practice nurse who has received additional certification beyond that of a general registered nurse (RN).

An emergency nurse is burdened with a great responsibility, as every second counts in an emergency care ward. However, the benefits are also great and those who enjoy a challenge will definitely find it with this career.

Emergency nurses are among the highest paid nurses in a hospital setting. This compensation is due to the high stress involved and because emergency nurses are so advanced in skill and knowledge.

From the stomach flu to a brain aneurysm, an emergency nurse should be prepared both mentally and emotionally for whatever enters the ward next. This broad knowledge of health and ability to make quick decisions is what makes emergency nurses such a rare breed.

Many health facilities are in need of competent emergency care nurses, from hospitals to cruise ships. Those in the field who have a few years of experience should be able to choose wherever they wish to work.